Solar Companies Go to War with Nevada Energy Provider

Solar energy companies go to war in Nevada
Solar energy companies go to war in Nevada

Sol-Up USA, a solar company at the forefront of the fight between Nevada solar companies and NV Energy, is expanding their efforts to fight against the restrictions NV Energy is attempting to put on the residents of Nevada.

“We’ve taken multiple steps to address this issue and make our state government do the right thing,” said Frank Rieger, CEO of Sol-Up USA.

I doesn’t make sense for the government to back something that literally takes thousands of jobs out of our economy.

What are the issues?

This issue concerns net-metering and a cap that NV Energy is fighting to keep as low as possible. Net-metering refers to the process in which solar customers receive credits for the energy being put back into the grid whenever the customer produces more than they use. NV Energy then sells this back to its clients. If the net-metering cap is reached, NV Energy will stop buying solar energy, removing the incentive for solar customers and causing potentially thousands to lose their jobs.

“Without net-metering, it’s more difficult for a customer to decide to go solar,” said Tu Anh Tran, CTO at Sol-Up USA.

There’s no reason for NV Energy to stop buying solar energy from customers, they still make a profit from selling it back to Nevada’s residents. This is a clear case of a corporation trying to kill competition.

So far, Sol-Up USA has taken the following steps in an attempt to persuade the state government to side with solar companies as opposed to NV Energy:

  • Sol-Up USA went to meet with state legislators in early April and ask for their support for Pace financing and Green Bank, which are instrumental tools to solar contractors.
  • They were a large part of the rally outside of NV Energy’s headquarters on April 22.
  • They wrote a letter to John Ellison, Speaker of the Nevada State Assembly, and received a response in which states he has no opinion on the matter, which is unacceptable in Rieger’s eyes.

“How can the Speaker of the State Assembly not have an opinion on the direction energy is going in his state?” said Rieger.

This affects thousands of people, it is very strange that he has put no thought into this issue.

If he doesn’t have an opinion, we need to tell him to.

Nevada residents who are looking for more information, or to let their politicians know the way they feel about this issue can visit:

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