SheerWind INVELOX Wind Funnel Power Generation Technology Licensed to U.S. Company


, a Minnesota USA based wind-power innovator, has signed a licensing agreement with Mark Luke Wind Energy, LLC, a division of a diverse construction and development company that will allow SheerWind’s INVELOX wind power generating systems to be marketed and deployed in the South Dakota.

The agreement is SheerWind’s first in the United States and sixth globally. Mark Luke Companies, located in Sioux Falls is introducing SheerWind’s technology under their renewables division.

SheerWind’s technology is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to conventional wind technology. By capturing, concentrating, accelerating, and harvesting wind power in a funnel system called INVELOX (for INcreased VELocity). Its multi-patented INVELOX technology turns traditional wind power systems upside down by first using a funnel to collect the wind, channeling that wind to increase its speed, and then delivering it efficiently to multiple turbines safely housed at ground level. Allowing the energy to be produced from record low wind speeds of 2 meters per second in locations close to the end user—even on rooftops in urban areas—eliminating complex power and grid systems. Shrinking the size of the turbine blades, eliminating complex systems, and harvesting at ground level all equate to cost savings, environmental safety, and profitable output.

As the fifth-windiest state, South Dakota is one of the top 10 fastest-growing wind energy producers in the U.S. with over 550 giant turbines already dotting the farmland. INVELOX allows wind power generation in urban areas close to end user with no hazardous low-frequency noise or flicker. Not to mention safe for birds and bats.

“We are ready to make South Dakota a leader for wind power generation in this country. Integrating INVELOX into buildings is a solution that makes our business stand out,” said Mark Luke, the CEO of Mark Luke Companies. “We are excited to provide a needed solution for renewables while providing new opportunities for local communities.”

“We are thrilled to have our neighbor South Dakota as the first SheerWind HUB in the United States. Mark and his team are visionaries that get things done,” said Steve Faber, Chief Sales Officer of SheerWind “We look forward to working with them to strategically install INVELOX systems and begin to change the landscape of renewable energy in the U.S.”

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  • Steve Hench says:

    The Invelox turbine’s sales pitch relies on a mathematical slight of hand, comparing the output of a small turbine located in its Venturi duct with one of the same size located in the outside stream.

    In doing so, the true swept area of the device is ignored. What should be used is the frontal cross section of the intake at the top of the funnel. This has been correctly pointed out by Michael Barnard and others.

    When the correct physics is used and the device’s output is compared to a turbine having the same cross section as the Invelox intake, the Invelox is inferior by a tremendous margin.

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