The Return Of Volkswagen With An Autonomous Electric Concept Car

All Electric Concept Car Unveiled By VW.

Volkswagen seems eager to change their very tarnessed reputation with regards to vehicle emissions and transparency. After paying billions of dollars in fines and vehicle retrofits over thier diesel vehicle emissions scandal and alienating millions of customers maybe they are looking to turn over a new leaf. ( sorry I am not referring to the Nissan Leaf all electric car).

VW has unvield a new all electric concept car called the I.D. at the 2016 Paris autoshow. It is both electric and automomous as well as very digitally connected. Your car can come to you to pick you up simply by asking from your smart phone.


No need to worry about navigating traffic just sit back and enjoy the ride.

What to do with our new found spare time?

Given our passion for our smart phones and tablets, drivers may choose to video chat with friends or even work remotely from the car as they are being driven somewhere. Taxis will become autonomous first which is bad news for cab drivers all over the world. Safety will greatly improve in a world where human’s are in control of vehicles less and less of the time.

Electric Concept Versus Diesel Nightmare!

Volkswagen has given us glimpse of the future ( not to distant?) from their perspective. It is not so unique really as many of the car makers have already shown us a similar plan from them. Hopefully VW can change fast enough to be able to win back consumers and regain their reputation for integrity. This part is up to them.

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