Queensland to Invest $15 Billion(US) in Renewable Energy Including Solar Thermal

Australian renewable energy
SunPower's Uterne Solar Power Station. Image courtesy of SunPower.

A re-elected Queensland Government will continue the expansion of with a $151.6 million commitment to support new large scale renewable generation and solar in schools providing more affordable and secure energy for Queenslanders.

The total ongoing commitment to renewable energy will support a pipeline of billion (US billion) in proposed investment that would create up to 15,000 jobs, many of which will be across regional Queensland.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Energy Minister Mark Bailey  launched the Powering Queensland’s Future Plan, while touring the Clare Solar Farm project in Ayr. The project is supporting up to 350 jobs at peak construction, and when completed will deliver a new 200 megawatt renewable energy power station.

“We are committed to our transition to at least 50 per cent renewable energy in Queensland by 2030,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“Our Powering Queensland’s Future Plan sets out actions to make sure we get the balance right, delivering more of the cheapest form of new generation – renewables sooner to complement our young and efficient fleet of coal and gas-fired generation.

“Getting this balance right will deliver affordable and stable power for Queensland households, businesses and industry.

“Queensland is an energy powerhouse and the envy of the nation because my government saved energy assets from sale under the Newman-Nicholls Government.

“Queensland is the only State in mainland Australia that has been assessed by the Australian Energy Market Operator to have a secure supply of baseload power over the next decade.

“We will continue to deliver the lowest wholesale future prices over the next three years by keeping our power assets in public hands and using them to support electricity consumers in Malcolm Turnbull’s broken National Electricity Market.”

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said Labor’s plan will also ensure Queensland is doing its part to combat climate change and protect our natural assets like the Great Barrier Reef, while delivering jobs in regional Queensland.

Under our Powering Queensland’s Future Plan, a re-elected Palaszczuk Government will deliver 1.6 million in new investment for renewable energy generation:

  • $97 million for solar schools
  • $50 million down payment for a new solar thermal power plant
  • $1 million study for renewable solutions for the Daintree
  • $3.6 million to help decarbonise remote communities

“We will establish a new publically owned CleanCo with a mandate to deliver 1000MW of renewable energy with a focus on flexible dispatchable generation.

“This is in addition to our ‘Renewables 400’ initiative – a key plank of the $1.16 billion Powering Queensland Plan, which is already on the road to success with 115 proposals lodged from 79 businesses wanting a piece of the investment action in Queensland, and would continue under a re-elected Palaszczuk Government.

“We are committed to establishing a solar thermal baseload generator, which can power Queensland even at night. We are offering a $50 million capital down payment to help make this a reality.

“There are a number of proposals currently in the market, for example CWP Renewables is currently proposing to build a solar thermal plant near Townsville, which would support approximately 2000 jobs during construction, and 50 operational and maintenance jobs.

“This will contribute to our focus on flexible and dispatchable generation which can deliver power to the grid when it’s needed –  even when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.

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