PsiKick Raises $16.5 Million to Power a Batteryless Revolution in the ” Internet of Things “


, the self-powering () systems company, announced a $16.5M Series B financing, led by Osage University Partners and joined by existing investors New Enterprise Associates (NEA), the University of Michigan Investment in New Technologies Fund (MINTS), as well as individual angels. This brings total funding raised by the Company to over $22M.

“Prior to Series B, PsiKick created a platform of fundamental technologies for wireless devices that are entirely self-powered,” said Brendan Richardson, CEO of PsiKick. “We solved some pretty big challenges that have limited the reach of IoT devices and systems. Those building blocks include the world’s most efficient wireless connectivity, robust node computation and energy harvesting to enable a highly scalable batteryless IoT. This Series B financing will allow us to continue hiring leading IoT engineering talent and developing completely batteryless systems based on these fundamental technologies. We’re solving high impact problems that can’t be solved today.”

“We’ve been really impressed with PsiKick’s technology for some time now,” said Marc Singer, Managing Partner of Osage University Partners. “The company’s vision for the next wave of computing and the IoT is incredibly exciting and PsiKick’s self-powered wireless sensor systems will be fundamental to achieving the full promise of the IoT.”

“We’ve looked at just about everything that has to do with ultra-low-power, self-powering, Internet-of-Things or batteryless,” said Greg Papadopoulos, Venture Partner at NEA and PsiKick Board Member. “Most of it is incremental. PsiKick has made some fundamental breakthroughs that leapfrog what’s been done to date.”

PsiKick’s Technology

The technology provides the fundamental building blocks upon which a trillion sensor world will be built.  By creating truly self-powered sensing solutions,they endeavor to free the world from the constraints of batteries and enable a true Internet of Everything—shaping a world in which ubiquitous intelligence optimizes real-time decision-making across all walks of life.

Energy Harvesting

Harvest energy from multiple ambient sources, including indoor and outdoor solar, thermal gradients, RF, vibration, and more. Store and manage energy for reliable operation across varying environmental conditions.


Interface with a wide array of sensors using on-board analog and digital front ends, data conversion, and amplifiers to create a flexible and extensible sensor hub.

Processing and Data Management

Integrated programmable processors allow on-board data processing to extract information locally for lower energy operation. Specialized, hardware-accelerated signal processing radically improves energy efficiency.

Ultra-Low-Power Radios

A mix of standards-compliant and proprietary integrated radios for energy efficient wireless communication that span broad data rate (up to Mbps) and communication range (km+) requirements.

The IoT Building Block

An entirely integrated self-powering wireless sensing solution that uses 1/1,000th the power
of equivalent commercial products serves as the cornerstone for the next computing revolution.

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