Plan For Canada To Be 100 Percent Renewable Powered

Plan For Canada To Be 100 Percent Renewable Powered
Plan For Canada To Be 100 Percent Renewable Powered

A Renewable Powered Canada.

A quick question for our readers. Does you country have plan to move to 100% renewable energy? Maybe you are not sure or you are sure they do or do not have a plan. In your opinion is a plan for 100 % renewable viable and realistic?

Lets take Canada for example. Canada as the largest trading partner to their neighbor to the south is primarily a resource driven economy. From steel,uranium,coal and oil, Canada is a huge exporter of minerals and energy.

Canada already has a high percentage of their energy consumption coming from hydro electric at least on the east side of the country. Closer to the west coast in the province of Alberta lies the infamous tar sands or oil sands project which single handlily caused the country to miss their Kyoto climate commitments. Much of the heavy oil produced from this project is shipped to southern US refineries before it is sold to countries like China.

Michael Franti a solar powered artist

100 % renewable plan for Canada relies heavily on wind energy.

Can Canada Be 100 % Renewable Powered?

So if Canadians were asked the question we posed earlier, as to if their country can become 100 % renewable, what would be the answer? I am sure we have many Canadian readers so we expect several hundred comments to this question.

Here is a team of Canadian researchers that have plotted a pathway for Canada to become powered by 100% renewable. In the plan there is no nuclear,coal, natural gas or even biofuels. It is completely based on wind, solar and water generation technologies.

The team projects that this plan would create over 250,000 thousand jobs and save $ 7.8 billion dollars in health care costs from the cleaner air renewable provides.

Michael Franti a solar powered artist

Michael Franti a solar powered artist

During the CBS video spot we hear from a progressive rocker, Michael Franti that claims his music is soon to be 100% powered by the sun and has written songs about solar power. It is great to see celebrities getting behind the move to renewable energy and we hope many many more will also.

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