Pay As You Go Solar Power

Pay As You Go Solar Power
Pay As You Go Solar Power

In developing countries there is new way for people that do not have access to electricity at all to be able afford to buy solar electricity. It is called Pay As You Go Solar and it is gaining in popularity in many parts of the world.

Pay As You Go Solar, is a simple concept that uses very sophisticated iot ( internet of things) technology to allow very poor people to have access to solar generated electricity for very specific tasks without paying the upfront capital costs.

Many of these people are paying some amount of money for diesel fuel and maintenance and/or batteries per year, maybe as much as 00 dollars equivilent. Under the Pay As You Go plan, you recieve a solar energy kit including a solar panel some lights, a solar powered radio and a charge port for your cell phone. The system is able to store electricity using a battery module.

Homeowners can buy solar energy credits for as many hours of solar power as they can in advance and the iot system allocates the correct amount of electricity for their use. The program is structured in such a way so customers pay for the system in the first year and then they own it with no further charges. At this point the customer may also decide to expand the solar kit so they have power for more lights or even cooking.

The Brilliance Of Pay As You Go.

In this way very poor people are able to escape the yearly reoccuring costs that leave them with nothing at the end, using the same amount of money that they would have spent anyways. Except that now at the end they have solar electricity to raise their standard of living without further costs.

The concept is explored in this recent news video. Enjoy!

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