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Solar Thermal Updraft Tower

The Solar Tower uses warm air produced in a very large greenhouse chamber which is allowed to rise through a tall tower. The updraught is used to turn a electric generator turbine at the base…

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OTEC- Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion is a form of Solar Thermal Energy technology that essentally uses the ocean as a solar collector. OTEC takes advantage of the small temperature differential that exists between the warm…

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U.S. Concentrated Solar Power 2009

Concentrating Solar Power New U.S. concentrating solar power (CSP) facilities have been added in three of the last four years following 15 years of inactivity. Three new CSP facilities came online in 2009, the 5-MWac…

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U.S. Solar Heating and Cooling Systems

Solar heating and cooling technologies saw a mixed year in 2009. Solar water heater (SWH) shipments managed modest growth for the fifth consecutive year with the help of the expanded federal investment tax credit. Solar…

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