Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Modules

Prototypes of World’s Lightest Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Solar Modules

We’ll be offering the lowest balance of system cost in the PV module industry, plus the flexibility to fill all areas of a roof or wall with BIPV products. Now, with sufficient surface area covered, it’s no longer necessary to chase the highest cell efficiency possible, as that becomes much less of an issue. Our COSMOS module technology is going to do to the PV module industry what the smartphone did to the mobile phone industry 10 years ago. We love making the impossible possible.

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Global Renewable Energy Growth

Global Renewable Energy Growth Expected to Be Strong to 2030

Bloomberg New Energy Finance show that annual investment in new renewable power capacity is set to rise by anywhere from two and a half times to more than four and a half times between now and 2030. The likeliest scenario implies a jump of 230%, to $630bn per year by 2030, driven by further improvements in the cost-competitiveness of wind and solar technologies relative to fossil fuel alternatives, as well as an increase in the roll-out of non-intermittent clean energy sources like hydro, geothermal and biomass.

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