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Lowering the Cost of Solar Power

Lowering the Cost of Solar Power and Creating New Jobs with Big Data

WASHINGTON – As part of the Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative, the Department today announced seven data-driven projects to unearth new opportunities for reducing costs and accelerating solar energy deployment in the United States. These projects – located in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas – will result in viable methods for dramatically transforming the operations of solar researchers, manufacturers, developers, installers, and policymakers, and speed the commercialization and deployment of affordable, clean solar energy.

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Canadian Solar's Residential AC system

Today’s Residential Solar PV Systems

new generation Residential AC system that meets the needs and challenges of today’s residential solar PV systems and confidently meets the standard 25-year system performance warranty requirement

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Net-Zero Energy Homes

BASF and SolarCity Team Up to Provide Solar Electricity for Net-Zero Energy Homes

High Performance program offered by the Center for Building Excellence at BASF provides consulting, plan reviews and training that enable homebuilders to construct sustainable houses affordably. SolarCity offers clean solar energy at rates lower than utility rates, which allows BASF homebuilder clients and homeowners to save money while achieving net-zero energy usage.

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