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solar air conditioning

Integrated Solar Power,Storage,Micro-grid and Management System for Your Home

The LG energy products and technologies on display at CEPSI include a solar module that offers the world’s best level output and efficiency, an Energy Storage System (ESS) that provides the world’s leading energy conversion efficiency, an ESS battery offering high energy output and long life, a Power Conditioning System (PCS) with a large capacity, and the world’s first ICT-based Smart Microgrid Solution (SMS) that combines ESS with an Energy Management System (EMS)

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nanotechnology for solar steam

Converting Solar Energy Directly Into Steam Using Nanophotonics

In this video, Rice University scientists unveil a revolutionary new technology that uses nanoparticles to convert solar energy directly into steam. This solar steam can be used simply as a heat source, to generate electricity with a steam turbine or even in an absorption chiller to produce cold water or air conditioning.

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