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70 Kwatts in ElPaso Texas

In El paso, Texas, the University of Texas at El Paso, (UTEP) has had a solar pond producing power since 1986. The El Paso Solar Pond project, a research, development, and demonstration project initiated by…

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What is RSS feed?

Here is great video that explains what an RSS feed is and how to take advantage of it. To recieve the RSS feed from Solar Thermal Magazine click here Or to recieve Our RSS feed by…

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Conferences & Events

Solar 2010Connect in the Desert – May 17th-22, 2010Pheonix,Arizona Concentrated Solar Power Summit USAThe 4th annual event June 23rd-25th PARC 55, San Franscisco, California   SEPTEMBER 30th AND OCTOBER 1st, 2010 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Midwest Airlines…

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