Online Renewable Energy Education Program Launched in Latin America

Renewable energy education

of Costa Rica and   (RENAC) have launched a programme “Especialización en Energías Renovables”. This one-year interdisciplinary programme delivers knowledge about technology, all phases of project development, support mechanisms, financing and profitability. The objective is to provide professionals from Latin America with the competencies to develop a career in the field of renewable energy.

Especialización en Energías Renovables” has been conceived for professionals both from the public and private sectors; from engineers and consultants to sales representatives or entrepreneurs, among many others. For those who are new to renewable energy, contents on solar power, wind power, bioenergy and small hydro are complemented with fundamentals of energy, electricity and the solar resource. Also, the elective week at the EARTH University includes practical, hands-on training in the laboratory and in the field as well as site visits to real installations. In this way, students not only put their knowledge into practice, but also establish direct contact with the industry.

The blended e-learning system offered by “Especialización en Energías Renovables makes it possible to follow the courses on a part-time basis with flexibility: the combination of materials for self-learning with virtual classrooms, videos, discussion forums, self-assessment exercises and working groups allow students to study at any time and from any location while receiving proper support during the learning process.

The Renewables Academy AG, based in Berlin, is an international provider for training and capacity building in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Since 2008, RENAC has worked with more than 5,000 participants from 135 countries worldwide.

EARTH University was established in 1986 as a private, non-profit, international university with the support of the Costa Rican Government, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

This programme has the support of the German Association of Investment and Development KFW DEG, under For further information, please visit this link. The deadline for registration is on the 1st August. The course begins on the 1st September.

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