Online Clean Energy Course In Solar Cell Science

A Very Popular Online Clean Energy Course.

Solar energy engineering is a fast growing and very rewarding field. Solar engineers find a very rewarding career that is also socially responsible. As a first step in the career path for any student of solar energy a fundamental knowledge of solar photovoltaic ( pv ) cell technology is essential.

Stanford University offers many online clean energy courses that are very reasonable priced. Many of them will give the successful student a certification in clean energy. Here is an online clean energy course in solar pv cells that gives the student a very solid background in the science.

Online Clean Energy Course In Solar Cell Science

Online Clean Energy Course In Solar Cell Science

Photovoltaic cells (also known as solar cells) are used to generate electricity in residential, commercial, utility and off-grid sectors. The latest advances in photovoltaic technology provide a fascinating discovery of how solar cells work.

This course compares silicon, cadmium telluride, copper indium gallium selenide, gallium arsenide, organic, dye-sensitized and multifunction solar cells.

You Will Learn

  • Cost effectiveness of different types of solar cells
  • Different materials and methods used to manufacture solar cells
  • Energy principles in physics, photochemistry and electrochemistry
  • Fundamentals of photovoltaic energy


Topics Include

  • What solar cells can do and where they need to be to compete economically
  • The science of solar
  • Silicon solar cells
  • Conventional thin-film solar cells
  • Third generation (multijunctional) solar cells
  • The resurgence of gallium arsenide
  • Organic solar cells
  • Comparison of the technologies and forecast for the future
  • Opportunities for you



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