New POWER DISK Mounts Solar Modules Anywhere on the Roof

Power Disk roof mounting system

Maneuvering mounting rails can be the most demanding part of installing rooftop PV solar modules. But now installers can avoid that — and mount modules faster and easier — with the rail-less mounting system from Preformed Line Products.

POWER DISK is a unique roof attachment that can go anywhere on residential rooftops. It does not need to be secured to rafters.

 “Layout takes a fraction of the time and requires fewer components and tools than traditional rail-less systems,” says John Markiewicz, Global Market Manager of Preformed Line Products. “The layout process is simple. You can place solar modules at precisely your preferred locations.”

Install solar modules in four simple steps

  1. Snap chalk lines.
  2. Mount POWER DISK bases anywhere on the roof deck.
  3. Set solar modules in place.
  4. Spin the disks to vertically adjust height to roof undulations.

What’s better about POWER DISK?

  • Flexible. Modules can be set in portrait or landscape format.
  • Adaptable. Attach POWER DISK directly to rafters — or not. It can attach anywhere to the roof deck.
  • Compatible. It fits most framed 60- and 72-cell modules.
  • Quick to install. POWER DISK is pre-assembled. Install it with 1½” roof deck screws (included) or optional 2½” lag bolt mounting.
  • Built-in electrical grounding. Grounding clips are integrated in the mount.
  • Optional flashing and Power trim skirting available.
  • Available in black.

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