New Bill reboots the Greek PV Market

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Athens: The Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, presented a new bill which reboots the Greek PV market. The new bill (to be approved by the Parliament by the end of March) lifts an existing ban on new PV systems which was decided in August 2012, and introduces permanent retroactive cuts of feed-in-tariffs (FiTs) for operating PV systems.

According to the proposed bill, up to 250 MWp of new PV systems will be eligible for FiTs every year in the period 2014-2020. Adding the capacity which will be compensated through a newly introduced net-metering scheme, the overall new PV capacity till 2020 is expected to be ca. 2 GWp.

The bill also imposes permanent retroactive cuts (average 30%) on existing FiTs for already operating PV plants and extends the duration of relevant contracts by 5 years (during this extra 5 years period, the systems will be compensated with electricity market prices or alternatively with 80 €/MWh).

The Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies (HELAPCO) welcomes the lifting of the ban on new PV systems and foresees a more stable environment for PV investments after the introduction of the new measures.

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