Nevada’s Residential Solar Owners Get to Keep Their Net Metering Rates – For Now

Solar Net Metering

Today, the voted to keep solar net metered customers on existing rates until the Commissioners determine long-term rules by December 31st .

The Commission’s decision today allows Nevadans to go back to work. The solar market shut down last Thursday when NV Energy declared that the previous cap had been hit.  Hundreds of solar workers appeared before the Commission during several hearings over the last month to tell their personal stories about the impact of NV Energy’s attempt to stop solar competition.

Net metering is explained in the following video:

“The hard work is now before the Commissioners to issue long-term rules” said Bryan Miller, co-chairman of The Alliance for Solar Choice. “We are grateful that the Commission’s decision will allow Nevadans to return to their jobs today, while the Commission determines long-term rules for solar net metering. Nevadans will remain vocal to ensure that these rules allow Nevada’s solar industry to continue creating jobs and driving economic growth.”

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