NEL ASA Launches Next Generation Hydrogen Fueling Station

NEL ASA next generation hydrogen fueling station

H2 Logic A/S, part of Oslo Stock Exchange listed NEL ASA, has launched a new generation station. H2Station® CAR-200 triples the fueling capacity whilst reducing the footprint to one third of the former CAR-100 product. This enables 9 times more capacity per area use which is important for integrating hydrogen as “just another fuel” at conventional gas stations. CAR-200 is designed for lean manufacturing at the world’s largest factory for hydrogen fueling stations as announced recently.

The CAR-200 product is a result of more than 3 years development of new and patented technologies that contribute to the capacity increase and footprint reductions. In addition, CAR-200 builds on the operational legacy of the former CAR-100, which is used in multiple countries across Europe and recognized for providing high performance and availability.

CAR-200 is designed to provide a peak rush-hour capacity on one fueling hose similar to that at conventional gas stations, enabling a flexible scaling of capacity as demand grows. In addition a new dispenser has been developed solely for hydrogen with a footprint of only 1/3 of conventional dispensers. This enables integration of hydrogen right next to conventional fuel products allowing station operators to offer both products on the same fueling lane area.

Footprint of the CAR-200 has been reduced to a few parking lots and the dispenser can be located up to 50 meters away, enabling a flexible integration, even at very compact sites.

CAR-200 is assembled at factory prior to shipment, allowing for a fast start of operation with minimal impact on the daily operation of the gas station site during installation. Various standard as well as customized enclosure designs can be applied on the CAR-200 ensuring any desired visual appearance and integration with the surroundings.

Any hydrogen supply can be connected to the CAR-200 ranging from onsite production to truck delivery from central production plants, such as renewable energy based large-scale electrolysers from the sister company NEL-Hydrogen.

The CAR-200 is designed for lean volume manufacturing at the world’s largest factory for hydrogen refueling stations, as recently announced by H2 Logic. When fully expanded the factory will have a capacity of up to 300 H2Station® per year, sufficient for fueling 200.000 new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Delivery of CAR-200 to the first customers will commence during late 2016.

Jacob Krogsgaard CEO of H2 Logic states: “With the new H2Station® CAR-200 product, hydrogen has reached a level where it is “just another fuel” that easily can be integrated and offered at conventional gas stations. This allows for a rapid deployment of hydrogen fueling infrastructure to support the major car manufacturers’ introduction of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in global markets.”

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