Motorcycle Retailers are Quick to Sign Up for Zero’s 2015 Electric Motorcycles

A red Zero electric motorcycle for sale in 2015
An electric motorcycle for everyone

Zero’s 2015 Electric Motorcycles ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Electric motorcycles are maturing quickly, not just as viable replacements for gasoline engine bikes but a better alternative to them. Zero Motorcycles are at the leading edge of that development. Modern electric motorcycles are reliable, inexpensive , fast and quick off the mark, not to mention they run on electricity only, which if produced correctly adds zero CO2 to the atmosphere.

In response to sales growth the company has added three new regional sales directors within the dealer network and are signing up some leading motorcycle retailers.

Zero electric motorcycles expand sales presense

Electric motorcycles are becoming a better alternative

“We are enjoying a great response to our 2015 line of motorcycles and accessories, and it’s driving accelerated growth,” said Mike Cunningham, director of North American sales and dealer development at Zero.

To support and sustain this momentum, we are investing in a bigger, stronger team and partnering with leading motorcycle retailers.

Here are the new sales directors:

Eric Gallion, Ron Luttrell and Chuck Schram.

With electric motorcycles gaining traction and Zero at the forefront, some of the nation’s leading motorcycle retailers are joining Zero’s expanding network.

The 2015 elelectric motorcycle lineup by Zero Motorcycles

Many new choices for electric motorcycles in 2015

“We have been watching Zero for a while,” said Willie Hodgson, general manager of San Jose BMW in San Jose, California.

With the increased interest from our customers and the advancements Zero has made, we felt the time was right to bring them on board.

As the motorcycle industry ramps up for the key springtime selling season, the combination of Zero Motorcycles’ unique products, strong service and innovative digital marketing strategy work together to bring more people into Zero dealers. Eric Halladay, owner of SF Moto in San Francisco, California, reports,

The word is out…electric motorcycles are a viable option for an ever-widening range of riders. In just our first month as a Zero dealer, the number of calls and requests for test rides that we get each day has blown us away.

Jim Dauria, owner of North Miami Motorsports in Florida, recently added the 2015 line of Zero motorcycles to his business. “Since we brought Zero Motorcycles into our dealership, we are seeing customers we otherwise would have never seen, which is extremely valuable to our business,” he said,

They are very enthusiastic.

Motorcycle retailers interested in Zero Motorcycles may request more information or apply online to become a dealer at

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  • Ben says:

    Nice article on a great company! The motorcycles shown here are from 2012. The design has changed significantly since then and the 2015 models look better (IMHO).

    To see their updated design, check out:

    I rode a Zero S across the country in 2013 and now own a Zero SR! I love riding quietly through the woods without spooking the deer.

  • sakey says:

    I like

  • Will somebody lead the way with a battery that is available at gas stations that when you stop in can change out battery. I know there are teething problems with logistics etc.,but I’m sure they could be worked out. Come on, this is do-able!

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