Making Affordable Electric Vehicles Mainstream

Making Affordable Electric Vehicles Mainstream
Making Affordable Electric Vehicles Mainstream

What We Need Now Is Affordable Electric Vehicles.

Electric cars started to become potentially mainstream with the California startup Tesla Motors, who now has multiple models both for sale and in the pipeline for release to consumers very soon. It is evidence of how much the consumers like the idea of electric cars that some of the major automakers are also moving in this way.

In Germany the country has a goal of one million electric cars on the road by 2020. This does not include electric motorcycles. BMW is leading the way it seems with development of both electric cars and motorcycles.This is an exciting time for the auto industry as electric transportation is opening the door for some many new design features.

Electric cars are also changing the definition of reliability for automobiles as they have only a fraction of the moving parts compared to a combustion engine car. This is allowing automakers to offer lifetime warranties. If you are planning a career in automechanics you may want to reconsider your options.

Affordable Electric Cars Are Almost Here Today.

In this video,¬†Harald Krueger, chief executive officer at BMW AG, discussed the importance of the automaker’s investment in electric cars.

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