Make and Install a Dry Fuel Cell to Produce Hydrogen for Your Car

Dry Fuel Cell
Making a cheap homemade hydrogen bubbler for your car

Dry  ( Solar Thermal Magazine) РMaking a dry dry for less than $20. In this 4 part video series you will learn what you need and how to assemble a from pretty much ordinary materials.

The fuel cell plates are made from stainless steel pancake flippers and gaskets made from everyday rubber matting. A completed diy fuel cell once supplied with oxygen and hydrogen make electricity and water. However if you run the fuel cell reaction the other way providing electricity and water you will produce hydrogen and oxygen with the author uses to enhance combustion in his BMW.

And you can make it at home with a little bit of determination and the video instruction of this Australian inventor.

Here are the four videos.

2nd video
3rd video
4th video
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  • saeid zand says:

    Very good and useful sit thank you

  • Elijah Kemboi says:

    Am glad tolearn that there are various ways of generating natural and clean energy, I would like to seek for assistance in my area of research where am generating direct current from bio fuel cell in a biogas tank.
    The technology involved is that of hydrogen generated biofuel cells.
    Please contact me with an expert in this field or any interested person.

  • nand Lal says:

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