List of Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Companies with Stock Symbols and Links

Our List of Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic Companies.┬áConcentrated Solar Photovoltaic Technology – Who are the companies that will dominate this industry and over the most economical system to the renewable energy consumer?

The most abundant renewable energy source in the world is the sun, yet this is a resource whose potential has barely been tapped. Today this is changing, with new technologies beginning to gain momentum in the market. With a worldwide goal of 15% of energy supplied by the sun by 2020, it will take many solar technologies to achieve this goal and provide clean, renewable and affordable energy.

list of solar photovoltaic companies

The bottom line is not all solar is created equal. The key is putting the right technology to work in the right place to achieve the greatest energy output at the best value.

At STMag we feel that CPV is an optimum technology providing:

  • High energy output in high solar resource regions
  • High energy density to optimize output from a given area of land
  • High output during peak load demand
  • Scalability of sites from kilowatts to megawatts

Here is the growing list of companies that we are tracking in the Concentrated Solar PV Industry. As we learn more about them will add links for readers to follow along.


Parent Company

Arima EcoEnergyPrivateArima Group
Concentrixsee PCNYSE: SNX
Cool Earth SolarVCNA
Cyrium TechnologiesVCNA
Green and Gold EnergyVCNA
Green VoltsVCNA
Pyron Solarsee PCEllis Energy Investments
Skyline SolarVCNC
Solar Energy InnovatorsVCNC
Soliant EnergyEMKREmcore
SoitecParis: SOI.PA
Solar Systems TechASX:SLX

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