What Can Solar Thermal Energy Be Used For?

Thermal Energy is a very usable form of energy with many different ways to be used to meet  conventional power requirements.

Some common examples of Solar Thermal Technology applications include:

  • Domestic Hot Watersolar collectors on a roof
  • Radiant & Space Heating
  • Pool & Spa Heatingsolar thermal pool heater
  • Process Water Heating
  • Snow / Ice Melting
  • As passive solar it can be used to preheat the combustion air as it comes into natural gas burners to increase the combustion efficiency either for heating applications or industrial processes.solar preheated air for natural gas heating
  • Cookingsolar thermal cooker

  • The heat collector from a solar thermal collector can be used to power an absorption chiller that can be used as air conditioning or industrial process cooling .
  • The heat collected can be used in a heat engine to produce linear or circular motion.
  • As an heat engine the solar heat can be used to turn a generator and produce electric power.
  • As part of a hybrid system that collect waste heat from a solar PV panel thereby raising the efficiency of the panel and the overall system efficiency.hybrid solar thermal pv systems

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