Solar Energy Investments. The Technologies You Need to Know.

Solar Energy Investments.

For anyone interested in solar industry investment here is a list of the related technologies that are moving the field forward.  Solar technologies range from concentrated solar thermal power such as dish and towers, to concentrated photovoltaic (PV).

Solar PV technology ranges from silicon solar panels to dye type , organic  or concentrated pv. Concentrated pv focuses the suns ray with lenses to increase the solar energy per area on the solar cell which significantly raises the efficiency of energy conversion.

Solar Industry Investment.

Hybrid technology is quickly being introduced that uses both solar pv and solar thermal to allow much higher efficiencies  than either alone.

Energy storage is the holy grail of renewable and as such solar energy. Storage comes in various forms such as water kinetic or pumped storage, pnuematic ( compressed air) , hydraulic, chemical ( such as batteries) , fuel cells, high speed flywheels, thermal molten salt or insulated working fluid.

We will be doing some deep research into the various types of Solar Thermal and related technologies  so be sure to keep checking back.

Concentrated Solar Photovoltiac

Solar Industry Investment

Concentrated Solar Parabolic Technology

Solar Industry Investment

Concentrated Solar Dish – Electric Generation

Solar Industry Investment

Concentrated Solar to Electric – Towers

Solar Industry Investment

Concentrated solar Updraft Towers

Solar Industry Investment

Inverted Concentrated Solar Thermal Tower

Solar Industry Investment

Waste Heat to Electric

Hybrid Solar PV and Thermal

Solar Industry Investment

Energy Storage – Flywheels

Solar energy storage in high speed flywheel

Energy Storage – Thermal

Solar Industry Investment

Energy Storage – Pnuematic

Energy Storage – Hydrogen for Hydrogen Fuel Cell

fuel cell diagram hydrogen from solar

Solar Thinfilm

solar thin film

Solar Dye PV

Solar Industry Investment

Hybrid Solar thermal and Photo voltaic

solar thermal investment

Solar Hydrogen production using concentrated solar


  • Emilio Bansil says:

    I am interested in investing, does any of these companies offer IRM (72) plan?
    Thank you.

  • Brett Harbridge says:

    Good afternoon

    I’m Brett and I have a client who has a Solar Project which could be of interest to the Directors/Partners, can someone call me on my mobile 07404305803, I have a meeting Monday morning with St James Place regarding this matter and was hoping to see if a meeting can be arranged with the powers that be?

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