Introducing The Jaguar Electric Car, The I-PACE

Introducing The Jaguar Electric Car, The I-PACE
Introducing The Jaguar Electric Car, The I-PACE

Here Comes A Jaguar Electric Car.

It used to be that Tesla Motors was alone in believing that the future of tranportation is electric and the time is right to develop commercially viable products for the automotive buying public. Today most major automakers have either an electric car available today or a plan to have one soon.

Carmakers such as FORD, GM, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and more have electric cars on the market now. Many of these car makers are indicating the electric cars will a larger and larger part of the product offerings in the coming years.

The electric vehicle market is being driven of course buy consumer sentiment but what is driving consumers to abandon combustion engine models in favor of electric? There are several key reasons including performance ( electric cars are all very fast), maintenance ( electric cars have lower maintenance and longer warranties ) also their zero impact on global co2 levels. For many consumers it is all three of these factors that combined with long range, short charge times and competitive pricing for electric technology.

Jaguar on the other hand is a car company that has long been known for high end luxury models and sleek fun combustion engine sports cars. This it seems is changing and Jaguar is giving us a glimpse into what they are thinking for the future of their car lines.

The I-PACE Concept will be available from the second half of 2018, which will be our first electric vehicle and will deliver 516lb-ft of instant torque, 400 HP. It is expected that the I-PACE will deliver a performance of 0?60 mph3 in around 4 seconds

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