Innovative Underwater Energy Storage Technology – Toronto Hydro

Innovative Underwater Energy Storage Technology - Toronto Hydro
Innovative Underwater Energy Storage Technology - Toronto Hydro

Who Invests In Underwater Energy Storage Technology?

Research and investments in clean energy and energy storage are most often driven by governments, companies and universities. There is a new industry stake holder that is starting to take a very big interest in energy storage technology as a way to stabilize their electric grid.

This stake holder is the electric utility itself.

In this video we learn about a new investment by Toronto Hydro in underwater compressed air storage technology. It is not just an investigation but an actual installation plan.

The story here is not just the innovative energy storage system but the fact that utilities are so eager to find economical ways to buffer the electric generation. Intermittant electric generation from solar and wind farms contribute to the need for energy storage at the utility level.

Underwater Energy Storage

Toronto Hydro has partnered with HydroStor Incorporated to connect the world’s first Underwater Compressed Air Energy Storage system to Toronto’s electricity grid. HydroStor uses compressed air and the pressure of water to run its system, and produces zero emissions.

Toronto Hydro will evaluate the system during a two-year pilot project to see how well it performs. We the readers and editors of this magazine will also be watching with great interest.

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