India’s Clean Energy Company Renew Power

Wind farms in India from Renew Power

Wind farms in India from Renew Power

Clean Energy Company Renew Power – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Renewable energy storage systems have revolutionized our fuel and power supply methods. We are, now, able to store the huge amounts of energy offered to us by our planet. Solar, wind, geothermal and many other types of energy are now available for us to consume after many years of research.

Every country in the world has started taking huge steps towards altering its energy sources. Some of them are more favored than others, simply because higher level of solar and wind activities occur inside their territories. One of them is India and its unreal potential for free and clean energy production.

Renew Power changing the energy future for India

Renew Power changing the energy future for India


The massive capability of alternative energy producing in India has been so obvious throughout the past few decades that it is no surprise that India was the first country in the world that established an alternative energy committee in the beginning of the 1980s decade.

Of course, such an abundance of resources requires a company with the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. In our case, that company is Renew Power. Let’s take a look at its present and future projects and comprehend the ways in which this company has, literally, transformed the energy consumption situation in India.



The projects include both solar and wind facilities. Renew Power has only been active in the country for about one year, and it has already achieved miracles in terms of designing and constructing state of the art, supper effective facilities.

Renew Power in India making solar and wind energy available

Renew Power in India making solar and wind energy available

The solar part has already reached a capacitance of 250 MW (Mega Watts, 1 MW = 1 million Watts) in the aforementioned period of 1 year while there are plans for further expansion of the solar energy capacitance by an additional 57.5 MW with the installation of a new plant in Madhya Pradesh. In a country with record numbers of solar activity, this is just the beginning of a huge endeavor to become the number one country in the alternative energy sources facilities. But that’s not all.

Wind energy plants are also present and extremely effective. It is no surprise that there are a total of 14 operational wind energy facilities in 4 different towns of India. Their total energy production capability reaches 545 MW. The majority of the facilities are located in Maharashtra, with the capacity of them going up to 358.65 MW.

The importance of these projects cannot be overstated. The numerous benefits deriving from renewable energy storage facilities are not only obvious but also crucial to the country.

The most important benefit is the huge improvement in the quality of life of the residents of India. Green energy plants prevent the emission of thousands of tons of harmful gas emissions on an annual basis.

Alternative energy facilities also help the national economy in two separate ways. Not only they save the government an enormous amount of money that would be needed to produce energy in other ways like burning coal or lignite etc, but they also create job opportunities. So, the positive financial impact of this type of technology is enormous.

From what has been constructed so far and the plans for the immediate future, it is almost certain that the total amount of clean energy India produces will soon reach unprecedented levels, an example that every other country in the world has to follow.


  • Harit purohit says:

    Dear All,

    India having an great potential to create green energy solutions like wind ,solar,biomass,small hydel.majourly in Rajasthan it self produce thousands of MW in a few year.basically the geography of Rajasthan is like that it attains maximum Radiations from sun & PLF in wind sector is also very good.
    So we all need to produce the energy to install small SPV on our Roof .we could become an independent power producer.

    Harit Purohit

  • Rohit Maniar says:

    Dear Sirs:

    We are located at SURAT. We wonder whether we can join in the caravan for turning our area
    into a clean energy consuming area.

    Please comment.


  • Solar power on all power gon
    Be solar energy Misson all words solar power

  • Dear Sir I have 3 year experience in wind farm in operation & maintenance Department

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