How To Design And Build SuperCapacitors

How To Design A Build SuperCapacitors
How To Design A Build SuperCapacitors

Learning to Build SuperCapacitors.

There is so much research and research money being focused on developing the perfect electric battery. Lithium-ion has been the leading type of chemistry so far both other are starting to show promise. Batteries are needed to portable power applications.

These devices include everything from cell phones and laptops to electric cars and even airplanes. One of the most important future applications is that of home energy storage and grid scale energy storage. In order to fully commit to clean energy technologies, such as wind and solar, we must be able store energy. This storage must be cost competitive to implement and must use only materials that are in large supply.

However, maybe we are looking in the wrong place? What if the answer is actually something that requires no chemistry. Something that has been in existence for decades?

I am talking about supercapacitors.

Supercapacitors are devices that are able to quickly store electrical energy as a charge. They can discharge this energy very quickly as well. These are just the characteristics we need for electric transportation and large grid scale electricity storage.

So what are these super devices?

In this video you will not only learn what the major components are for a supercapacitor, but also how to build one. Soon you will be as knowledgable as anyone on the subject of supercapacitors.

So now your should know how to build supercapacitors right?

After the lesson, leave us a comment or two, on what you think of the technology and the article/video. We love comments and read them all. Even though we get hundreds a day…

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