How Some Evacuated Solar Tubes Can Explode

How Some Evacuated Solar Tubes Can Explode
How Some Evacuated Solar Tubes Can Explode

Evacuated Solar Tubes Are The Heart Of A Solar Hot Water System.

The heart of any solar thermal collector are the heat transfer tubes. This is component that is responsible for transfering the heat of the sun to the water flowing through the tube. The efficiency of the tube drives the overall efficiency of the entire system.  Evacuated

There are commercially available tubes that work with the highest efficiency. They are known as evacuated solar tubes because they have a small vacuum drawn into them.

Solar evacuated tubes are extremely efficient at transferring sunlight to heat. This heat is then transferred to the material inside. It is possible that if water such as rain water or water from cleaning the tubes was to somehow get inside the tubes, that the glass could explode due to the heat involved.

Exploding Evacuated Solar Tubes

Here is what happens when it does.

Evacutated solar tubes at work

Evacuated solar tubes at work

The team at Green Power Science tried the experiment so we don’t have to.

This video is for lower quality water heaters that may experience rain water infiltration from poor designs. This is also an efficient method for enhancing good designs enabling solar thermal storage.

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