Harvard Student Shares Her Vision Of Supercapacitor Energy Storage

Harvard Student Share Her Vision Of Supercapacitor Energy Storage
Harvard Student Share Her Vision Of Supercapacitor Energy Storage

Supercapacitor Energy Storage TED Talk.

Battery researchers around the world are searching for the perfect battery. Lithium-ion is the work horse battery chemistry for today but it has known limitations. One of these limitations is that under some circumstances some lithium-ion batteries can catch fire or explode.

Earlier this month Samsung was forced to recall millions of Galaxy 7 smart phones for just this problem. Airlines around the globe have banned the device and more actions are to come.

It may be that batteries are not even the right place to be looking for reliable, inexpensive high power storage devices. Supercapacitors may actually be the right place to be putting our research dollars.

In this TED Talk video, Eesha Khare shares her vision for supercapacitors and energy storage.

Eesha Khare is a junior at Harvard University studying Biomedical Engineering, the Young Scientist Award winner of the 2013 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and was named Forbes 30 under 30 in Energy.

A Background in Supercapacitor Energy Storage.

In her nanomaterials research, she developed a novel supercapacitor energy-storage device with significantly faster charging times to potentially replace conventional batteries in consumer electronics.

About Easha Khare

Eesha is passionate about developing technology for a sustainable world. Her prior research has included engineering a protein for environmental detoxification and designing nanoparticles for reduced power consumption in electronics.

I hope she continues to follow her passion for supercapacitor energy storage research.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    Seeking one “Silver Bullet Solution” is the often repeated fallacy! Much smaller and more job specific technologies will soon store more electricity than we ever imagined!

  • admin says:

    Hi Bruce.
    Thanks for reading our magazine and all the great comments.

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