Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid
Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

Renewable Energy Storage To Stabilize Wind and Solar Power.

Germany is one of the most clean energy driven economies in the world and they are adding to their renewable energy capacity everyday. Wind and solar power are however intermittant so how can a country base it’s energy future on an unpredictable source of power?

Does this not mean that they have to have a consistant energy baseload available to kick in at a milliseconds notice?

This is the reality of solar and wind power. The question becomes what will we use for a base load source in the future. Fossil fuels and nuclear power are the path we want to go down again. The answer is to build even more soalr and wind energy capacity and add electricity storage. The stored energy becomes the stabilizing base load source.

Recently in the news, German has reported that they are doing just that. Adding significantly more storage in the form of battery banks to the electric grid. Germany’s economy is likely to continue to benefit from their significant investments in renewable power and energy storage.

Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

German utility WEMAG, in partnership with storage software developer Younicos, recently began the construction on a project that will nearly triple the storage capacity of Schwerin battery park. With this upgrade, the utility’s storage resource will double its power output from 5 MW to 10 MW. Their energy capacity will increase from 5 MWh to 14.5 MWh.

Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

Germany Adds Renewable Energy Storage Capacity To The Electric Grid

Berlin- and Austin-based Younicos provides the necessary software for plant control and is supporting WEMAG with technical expertise during the implementation phase. Younicos will also integrate additional power electronics into the system.

5 million Euro investment in renewable energy storage.

The Schwerin battery park, commissioned in 2014, was the first commercial battery storage resource in Europe. Since then it has been an active participant in the region’s frequency regulation market.

Alexander Schönfeldt, Younicos Vice President of Sales for EMEA commented on the project:

The fact that WEMAG is now investing 5 million euros in order to increase the available power and energy for system service is a strong testament to the commercial success and performance of battery storage in Europe.

Christian Pegel, Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Land Development of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, underlined that value during his speech at the groundbreaking ceremony:

Especially with regard to the expansion of renewable energies and the future shutdown of old power plants, it is necessary to invest in technologies to ensure the quality of supply and grid stability. The battery park in Schwerin was a pioneer of this development and has impressively shown that new technologies are more than capable of providing system services in the future.

So much activity in renewable energy storage capacity.

Following the start of the construction phase, WEMAG plans to complete the building in March 2017 and commission the second power plant block in June 2017. The utility is the general contractor of the project; the customer is Batteriespeicher Schwerin GmbH & Co. KG.

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    USA will continue sacrificing their young men and women in far away foreign desserts for light sweet crude (energy), while squandering their Prairie Wind Corridor, South Western US Solar riches, Offshore Wind Potential, Geothermal Potential, Tidal advantages, Wave generated energy, all because wars cause arms sales and puts money in the already well heeled shareholders pockets, the very ones that control government decisions.
    The rest of the world will not follow this American thirst for light sweet crude, not even to another battle like the South Vietnam shoreline access to the light sweet crude of “The South China Seas Oil Basin”. Even The Philippians have walked away from becoming ground zero in that kind battle, realizing of course, the extreme damage done to Vietnam by a U.S. quest not that long ago and for access to this same light sweet crude prize.
    Regardless of the fixed vision, blinkered vision, jet engine fuel biased nature of the U.S.A. the rest of the world seeks renewable (eternal, perpetual and local) power and the supporting science advances and technologies, which will now come from a very powerful Asian scientific community since Big Oil and corporate influences on research in the U.S. skirt around this sort of energy research because corporate funding runs the curriculum of universities in the U.S.A. and it is not in their best interests.
    Germany, like Quebec and Ontario, void of any oil riches of their own (USA must resort to fracking and expensive shale oil recovery for what is left of their oil resources) and well aware of the dangers of our primitive nuclear power sources, focus on renewable, eternal, perpetual energy sources. Solar, wind wave, hydro, tidal, geothermal, ocean current: all clean providers of electricity, the cleanest form of energy we have on earth. Asian interests in renewables is indisputable, leaving America alone in grasping for light sweet crude and losing the bigger battle for renewables: Witness the huge manufacturing and industrial events on Mexico, all renewables powered, in spite of the huger nuclear capability of even Ontario Canada, who now are forced to give away expensive to produce nuclear electric overproduction to U.S. states as factories move to Mexico for cheaper renewable electric energy.

  • Bruce Miller says:

    Germany may resort to allowing the people to buy electric cars, the batteries resulting in much of the needed “Ballast’ for the other intermittent power sources.
    Ontario, Canada are innovators in underground mining electric heavy equipment use!
    WHO(World Health Organization), a worthy reference, has declared diesel and its fumes as carcinogenic, ie, cancer causing.
    Time now for Canadians to sell off these poisons to the fools who will not, or cannot, due to corporate demands, listen, and Save Our Souls, better yet we have a government that CYS(Covers Our Asses) by levering all of us with accelerating Carbon Taxes.
    SMART money is behind this sort of direction in Canada already and Canadian Science and Technologies are doing the once thought impossible, as we speak! EG:
    The first fully electrical mine is set to open late next year, 20 kilometers east of Chapleau, Ontario.
    Goldcorp is building the Borden Mine to run on electrically charged batteries. They hope to have the mine fully operational by the second half of 2017, says Marc Lauzier, general manager of operations in Chapleau and Timmins.…/first-electric-mine-goldcorp…

  • I interested set up solar energy store ge system
    Solar energy use ful to
    World cleaness healtht
    To human

  • admin says:

    Thanks for reading our magazine and your comments

  • admin says:

    THanks again Bruce for the comment and information. Where in Canada do you live? We used to be based in Toronto.

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