Future Energy Storage At The Grid Level – The Liquid Metal Battery

Future Energy Storage At The Grid Level - The Liquid Metal Battery
Future Energy Storage At The Grid Level - The Liquid Metal Battery

Seeing Future Energy Storage Technology Today.

Adding renewable energy to the grid is not something that we can do indefinelty without causing major disruptions to our energy supply. Wind and solar power are by their very nature intermittant which means that when the sun or wind is not available there has to other generation available.

To continue to add renewable intermittant sources the grid past a certain point ( 20% ), risks our ability to have power when we need it. The answer to this is either to find and add a consistant source of renewable power like wave,tidal,biomass or geothermal or add sufficent energy storage to act as virtual generation.

There have been great advances in non-intermittant sources of renewable energy and the costs are continuing to fall. Energy storage on the other hand is the subject of research in universities and corporate laboratories the world over.

The company that develops a cost effective easy to manufacture grid level electric battery will reap tremendous rewards. The resulting explosion in solar and wind development will create millions of new green jobs.

Future Energy Storage Explained.

In this video we hear from Professor Donald R. Sadoway from MIT discussing innovation in Stationary Electricity Storage namely the Liquid Metal Battery. We have not heard from Professor Sadoway for a few years now since he first introduced us the this technology.

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