Fuel Cell Company Spotlight: Nuvera Fuel Cell Company

Nuvera fuel cell technology using simulation software

Nuvera fuel cell technology using simulation software

Nuvera Fuel Cell Company – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Faced with the challenge of energy shortage and global environmental destruction, industries around the world are looking for various alternative methods to reduce operating costs while protecting the Earth. One option being explored for this is by using hydrogen as the energy carrier for newly developed fuel cells to process into electricity and water.

Over the years, several companies have attempted to develop top-of-the-line products to generate electricity through fuel cells and hydrogen technology. Only a few companies, however, have managed to come up with competitive and highly efficient products. The Nuvera Fuel Cell Company is one of those companies that have so far survived and prospered.

Nuvera Fuel Cell Company

As a leading firm in providing advanced power solutions, various companies involved in logistics and aerospace have closed large deals and transactions with Nuvera. Although the company was only founded on April 2000, it has gained popularity worldwide as it is the result of the merger of two huge fuel processor technology businesses. With the combined expertise and research of Epyx Corporation and De Nora Fuel Cells Company, Nuvera has developed useful and competitive products.

The Nuvera Hydrogen Fuel Cell

The Nuvera Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Nuvera Fuel Cell Company primarily uses hydrogen for energy production for various reasons. Aside from its environmental-friendly character, hydrogen is also very economical and non-toxic. The element’s heat and water emissions are also clean and safe. Hydrogen is also a renewable energy carrier. The company is betting that in the long run, hydrogen may become a primary energy carrier for industries including transportation.


Unlike ordinary batteries that simply store energy, fuel cells provide longer stack life and low density operation through the use of PEM or proton exchange membrane technology. This technology is able to produce heat and electrical supply with the non-combustive reaction of air and hydrogen fuel.

Along with highly technological systems developed by the experts of Nuvera, their fuel cell stacks are highly applauded for their re-manufacturable and recyclable design.


Nuvera develops hydrogen generation equipment and fuel cells for industrial mobility, automotive and industrial gas markets. These products include the PowerTap Hydrogen Generation Appliance and Orion Fuel Cell Stacks.

The Nureva PowerTap Hydrogen Generation Appliance is designed to generate a maximum of 50 kg of hydrogen per day through steam membrane reforming. It is also developed to be scalable to help meet your needs as your business grows.

The Orion Fuel Cell Stacks are designed with patented fuel cell technology to provide 10-100 kW outputs or higher. It is highly compact and durable for long term use.





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