Enovos Inaugurates its First Photovoltaic Power Plant in Portugal

Photovoltaic Power Plant in Portugal

On 7 October 2014, Enovos Luxembourg SA inaugurated its first photovoltaic power plant in Portugal. Announced in December 2013, it started operating in spring 2014.

Located in the Alcoutim region in the south of Portugal, this photovoltaic power plant is comprised of 13,774 concentrator modules with a combined power of 1.29 MWp. Ideally located in a region in which the rate of sunshine is more than twice that of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, this photovoltaic power plant will be able to supply electrical power to some 500 Portuguese households.

These modules are made up of lenses capable of concentrating sunlight 500 times and focus it into small highly efficient, multi-junction solar cells. This plant’s annual production capacity stands at 1,900 MWh, which results in a module efficiency of 30%, that is to say almost twice as high as the efficiency of conventional silicon systems.

This project is an example of Enovos’ commitment to developing renewable energies, with a view of contributing to a sustainable energy supply.

Enovos holds 34.09% of the capital of this pilot project. Soitec, a manufacturer of semiconductor materials and technology provider and EIP, an electrical-installation company, each hold 19.99%. Luz.on, a project developer, has a 15% share, alongside Calouste Gulbenkian, a Portuguese private foundation, which holds 10.93% of the capital.

Image:  Alcoutim, Portugal. Credit: GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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