DIY Solar Motor Turns For Free!

DIY Solar Motor Turns For Free!
DIY Solar Motor Turns For Free!

Fun With A DIY Solar Motor.

Here is a great diy clean energy project for the weekend! A motor powered by the sun directly. It does not use electricity but instead depends on the polymer solar strips to contract and expand with the sun’s rays.

This solar motor can be built in a variety of sizes as you can see from the video. They all seem to work, with the larger the motor the slower they turn. This is a fun project to teach scientific concepts to yourself or your kids. I suppose you could attach a small generator and make clean electricity directly.

Give it a try and send in some video of your finished diy solar motor. Maybe try an even bigger one and see what happens. There are several variations that you could think of to try to make it go faster. Give it a spin!

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