Developing New Solar Panel Materials

Developing New Solar Panel Materials
Developing New Solar Panel Materials

Finding New Solar Panel Materials.

Solar energy is an important renewable energy source. In fact the sun is the primary source of power for not only all forms of solar energy as the name suggests but also wind and biofuels. Taping the unlimited supply of clean energy from the sun to power our world is becoming a top priority as the impact of climate change is becoming more and more dangerous and expensive.

In order to use the sun in the most effective way, researchers are focusing on developing new materials that are cost effective and whose components are in the greatest possible abundancy. Inventing a high efficiency solar cell that uses a rare earth mineral that is only found in a few places on earth will not give us the scale that we need for a truely solar powered world.

New materials that use simple and easily available elements that can be used to manufacture highly efficient solar cells in processes that use the less of amount of energy are needed.Developing these new materials requires companies and even governments to fund the best and brightest minds to focus on the challenge. Encouraging the next generations to enter into fields like and science and engineering is critical to the continued improvement of not just solar technology but all and new forms of clean energy.

Developing New Solar Panel Materials.

Scientists at the University of Bath are developing new solar panel materials to make them cheaper, more efficient, and made from materials that have a low impact on the environment. Chemists design new materials such as kesterite, and these are then incorporated into solar cells, which are tested and improved in the laboratory.

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