Denmark’s Journey To 100 Percent Clean Energy

Denmark's Journey To 100 % Clean Energy
Denmark's Journey To 100 % Clean Energy

One Countrie’s 40 year Commitment to 100 Percent Clean Energy

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a basc law of physics. It it also true when it comes to human nature and the economy. In 1973 the world experienced an energy shortage that plunged the gobal economy into a tail spin and reminded the consumer of how it is to line up for gasoline.

That was the action. In Denmark the reaction was to set the country on a long term path to energy independence using renewable energy. This path has been their energy roadmap for the last 40 years.

Today Denmark typically has 40 percent of it’s energy coming from renewable sources and at times of the year this percentage reaches 100%. Having so much of your energy coming from intermittant sources is a challenge for any electrical grid. In the case of Denmark the grid is connected to Sweden and Germany which gives them the option to purchase power when needed.

Denmark was the first country,in partnership with Siemens to install offshore wind turbines.

The path to 100 percent clean energy.

The decision to move towards 100 % renewable is a big decision for any country that will require commitment well past any particle political parties power lasts. The entire country must agree and want this to happen.

Here is a recent video with interviews in Denmark talking to experts and residents about their commitment and plan for clean energy adoption.

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