Dear President Trump, Even Clean Coal Is Not As Good As Solar

Dear President Trump, Even Clean Coal Is Not As Good As Solar
Dear President Trump, Even Clean Coal Is Not As Good As Solar

To preface this I think that it is important to realize that there is no such thing as clean coal. The burning or oxidation of any hydrocarbon chain ( oil,gas,natural gas, propane,ethanol or coal) oxidizes the carbon molecule. Hence CO2 is always the results of the chemical reaction we know as combustion.

The following is a statement from Solar Wolf Energy:

I write this to you as a voice in renewables, an entrepreneur, a proprietor of Solar Wolf Energy – a nationwide employer, a father, & a Republican sir.

I understand that upon taking office that you immediately took down the climate change section of the White House site.

This is troubling to millions of employed people.

I have followed the election since it began & I know you are for coal.

I also know that you are for job creation as I understand you are a man of finance, micro and macroeconomics as well as trade.

I completely understand & I am also well versed in these as well sir.

However, bringing “clean coal” back into use seems completely detrimental to what you are trying to do or have been saying about jobs.

Perhaps you should review the numbers Mr. President. Coal, while having a finite amount & being an obsolete fossil fuel is not cheaper anymore, especially the “Clean Coal” that you speak highly of.

Secondly, in the United States, more people were employed in solar power last year than in generating electricity through coal, gas and oil energy…combined.

It would appear completely arbitrary to disregard this progress and try to re-jumpstart the coal industry when solar is infinite, dependable, and getting better each year on all fronts: overall cost, efficiency, installation fundamentals, aesthetics, and lifetime performance of materials.

What also needs to be addressed is there is already billions invested in companies finally beginning to or are in construction of manufacturing facilities to produce solar modules here in our very own amazing country.

Thus, creating even more jobs. I hope as a medium sized business owner that you will do your due diligence on the past, current and future trajectory of renewables.

If countries like Scotland and Germany both of which are heavy weight contenders of manufacturing and have made their commitment to close their coal plants and run strictly on renewables, then it is in fact possible.

My children, and your grandchildren deserve that sir.

Ted Strzelecki Media Contact: Solar Wolf Energy 1-508-839-2222

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