The Comedy That Is Today’s Electric Cars

The Comedy That Is Today's Electric Cars
The Comedy That Is Today's Electric Cars

What Is So Funny About Today’s Electric Cars?

Consumers are just starting to learn what it would mean to actually own and drive an electric vehicle. All of the major automakers and some new players have at least one entry into this new market. Nissan has made a considerable commitment to the electric car segment with the Nissan Leaf and others so they must wish for an informed customer base.

To do this and truely get the attention of the car buying public regarding electric cars they have created this very funny short video explaining the cost of energy. In fact the cost is less than 5 times the price for petrol ( gasoline or diesel fuel in uk speak).

What Is The Cost Of Use For Today’s Electric Cars?

Cost of use, is only one of the many advantages to consumers so I hope they do another bit about each of them.

Electric cars have considerable less moving parts which means less chance of failure so they are both safer and easier to maintain. They are all very very fast. Electric drive systems produce infinite torque when you hit the accelerator. Not like the delay that we are used to with all combustion engine vehicles.

If charged from clean electricity sources such as from solar or wind, electric cars produce no emssions what so ever.

Thanks Nissan for the ligher side of electric cars.

The only thing funny about electric cars is that we hestitate to buy them! We have the video for you below.

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