Clean Energy in Greece. An Opportunity Missed?

Clean energy for now is a missed opportunity in Greece
Clean energy for now is a missed opportunity in Greece photo credit wikipedia commons

Clean Energy in Greece and an economy in Crisis – ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

One of the miracles that technology has offered us is clean energy storage systems. Their design and efficiency have both improved dramatically over the past few years and it is no surprise that they are destined to replace all types of fossil fuels currently used in vehicles, factories and many other occasions. 

One by one, all the countries in the world have started including, or planning to construct alternative energy facilities. What we are going to do next is analyze the current status and possible future development of clean energy facilities in a country financially devastated by the recent, global financial crisis, Greece.

Being one of the most famous tourist destinations of Europe, and possibly, of the entire world, Greece has all the clean energy capabilities in abundance. For starters, the sun is present all year long, and during the summer months, it also creates a very hot climate. So, it is more than obvious that, as many solar plants as possible must be constructed in order to take full advantage of the solar activity. But that’s not all.

The wind is also present in most of the country’s areas, mostly during the winter months. The morphology of Greece, with its huge number of islands and great number of peninsulas creates powerful wind drafts, especially in the North Aegean area. It is another opportunity to produce cheap, clean energy.

Unfortunately, lack of funding and the limited technological progress of Greece over the years have not allowed this nation to take full advantage of the massive alternative energy sources it possesses. All the recent studies show a minimum expansion of not just solar and wind energy facilities, but also hydroelectric and geothermal ones.

One fact that is, not only, discouraging but also dangerous to both the environment and the quality of life of the Greek people is the constant use of lignite and its combustion to produce energy. This happens, mostly, due to the large reserves of lignite present in the Greek land. So, Greek governments, so far, have preferred to maintain this method that is the cheapest, since the lignite comes, almost, for free. But, for some unexplained reason, every single government in Greece has failed to realize that, in the long run, renewable energy is cheaper than burning lignite, even if we include the design and construction costs of the alternative energy facilities throughout the country.

Once again, the solution will be offered by foreign investors. There have already been shown various signs that many huge companies all over the world, with the most recent being from China, are willing to invest large sums of money to install clean energy plants in many parts of Greece and constantly produce clean and environment friendly energy.

The only disadvantage of this type of progress for Greece is that the corporations willing to create these facilities will also receive a share of the profit, by selling a percentage of the produced energy back to Greece. What both the local and national authorities need to realize is that the infinite amount of clean energy currently present in the country needs to be taken advantage of at the maximum possible rate, and take the decision to launch Greece’s clean energy production percentage to one of the highest in the entire world.

Photo Credit Wikipedia Commons

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