Canada Takes The Lead In Marine Renewable Energy Industry Support

Open Hydro Tidal Energy converter
Open Hydro Tidal Energy converter

Marine Renewable Energy Industry Set To Grow.

Arguably the next frontier for renewable energy technology ( if you exclude battery development) is to able to harness the power of the oceans, seas and rivers. This consistent source of energy can be ours if we can master the waves and the tides around the world.

The ocean environment is not a forgiving one. The salt water is corrosive and only the hardiest of inventions will survive. These devices will need to able to ride the roughest of seas ( and turn it into clean electricity) and survive for years at a time.  This is the challenge of the marine renewable energy industry.

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Open Hydro system for marine renewable energy

Next week representatives of Canada’s growing marine renewable energy industry will embark on Cherbourg, France to showcase expertise and capabilities to an international audience. Marine Renewables Canada, with support from the Government of Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.

A close up of the marine renewable energy converter systems from Open Hydro

A close up of the marine renewable energy converter systems from Open Hydro

The trade mission consists of 30 delegates to the 7th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE), a significant event for the emerging global marine renewable energy industry, aimed at building partnerships and sharing recent experiences from project and technology development.

Attendance at the conference, which contributes to the goals and objectives of the Atlantic Trade and Investment Growth Strategy, provides an opportunity for industry leaders and experts to present on emerging topics and includes a large trade exhibition, showcasing the latest technologies and strengths in expertise, services, and resource potential.

​“Canada has growing strengths and capabilities in the marine renewable energy sector,” says Tim Brownlow, Chairman of Marine Renewables Canada.

Our members have been developing experience through tidal projects in the Bay of Fundy, wave energy R&D in British Columbia, and river current energy demonstration projects in Manitoba. ICOE is an ideal opportunity to connect with the international industry and share knowledge – collaboration is key to ensuring that the potential of this industry is realized.

The International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) was first established in 2006 and is now held every two years. It has grown to more than 800 participants and is recognized as the world’s preeminent industry-development event. The conference includes a full week of activities and attracts utilities, tidal/wave/river energy device developers, multinational corporations, government, project developers, academia, and supply chain companies and service providers with marine, energy, hydro, offshore oil and gas, and/or ocean technology expertise.

The following organizations are participating in the mission to France:

Atlantic Towing Ltd.
Blumara Corp.
Bourque Industrial Ltd.
Cape Sharp Tidal
COVE – Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship
Dominion Diving Limited
Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA)
Emera Inc.
Envigour Policy Consulting Inc.
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE)
Lengkeek Vessel Engineering Inc.
Marine Institute of Memorial University
Mersey Consulting Ltd.
National Research Council Canada
Nova Scotia Department of Energy
Ocean Sonics Ltd.
Offshore Energy Research Association of Nova Scotia (OERA)
Rockland Scientific Inc.

More details about the 2018 International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) Conference can be viewed at:

About Marine Renewables Canada

Marine Renewables Canada is the national association for wave, tidal, river current and offshore wind energy, representing technology and project developers, utilities, researchers, and the energy and marine supply chain. Since 2004, the association has worked to identify and foster collaborative opportunities, provide information and education, and represent the best interests of the sector to advance the development of a marine renewable energy industry in Canada that can be globally competitive.


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