Bolt Motorbikes Introduces the M1 All Electric Bike

Bolt Motorbikes Introduces the M1 All Electric Bike
Bolt Motorbikes Introduces the M1 All Electric Bike

An All Electric Bike – Made In The USA.

Here is new product from a new company start-up in San Franscisco. Bolt Motorbikes are released their first electric motorbike called the M1. The bike boasts a range of 50 miles between charges and the battery is easily removable so you can take inside for a recharge or just swap it with a second battery.

Bolt Motorbikes is the brain child of Nathan Jauvtis who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and a passion for riding. The bike has a simplistic and functional design and since it is technically a bike, you do not need a license, or insurance to drive it.



The Future For The Electric Bike.

Hopefully the M1 will be a hit with US consumers and we can expect future models to be even more fun to drive. Electric transportation options like the M1, produce no direct emissions and if they are charged using renewable sources such as solar they cause no emissions of any kind while operating.

Take a look and see what you think of this entry electric bike.

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