ABB & Pact Announce Myanmar Solar Energy Partnership at Solar Impulse Event

Solar Impulse Mandalay
Touching down in Mandalay: Another landing in the dark for the solar-powered plane. Image courtesy of Solar Impulse.

On the occasion of the arrival of the Solar Impulse airplane in Mandalay, ABB the leading power and automation technology group, and PACT announced a joint partnership to bring solar energy to Myanmar.
The Swiss Pilots and Co-Founders of Solar Impulse, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, were elated as ABB, and PACT announced their partnership to bring solar energy to rural communities in Myanmar, a country where 70% of the population has no access to electricity. This is part of a PACT’s plan to develop local solar power production for one million people in Myanmar in the next 5 years, in order to increase quality of life, create economic opportunities and boost education in remote areas of the country.

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg launched the action by presenting solar home systems to two women villagers and explained in their speech: “ABB and PACT’s commitment is the practical demonstration that what we say with Solar Impulse is possible, that renewable energies can improve quality of life. Whether it’s the power for a record breaking solar airplane or simple light bulbs for basic needs, clean energies can impact lives forever. We need such actions everywhere!“

Chaiyot Piyawannarat, Country Managing Director for ABB in Myanmar said “By bringing solar powered electricity to these communities, we will make a lasting difference long after the Solar Impulse plane has departed.  What connects Solar Impulse, ABB and PACT is a shared ambition to create a better world through innovation and technology, bringing a brighter and stronger future for generations to come.”

“PACT’s vision is to bring solar power to Myanmar. By starting with 700 charging stations that will help empower women’s businesses in rural communities, that vision is one step closer to reality. The message that Solar Impulse embodies has inspired us and our partner ABB – and helped catalyze a major effort to bring light to Myanmar,” commented Richard Harrison, Country Director, Pact Myanmar.

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