A Solar Powered DIY Helicopter – University Of Maryland

A Solar Powered DIY Helicopter - University Of Maryland
A Solar Powered DIY Helicopter - University Of Maryland

A solar powered diy helicopter? Now that seems crazy right? I mean you need quite a bit of  surface area to place solar panels or cells to be able to generate enough power to keep the craft in the air. Where would you put the solar cells?

To solve this problem we would have to rethink what we envision as a helicopter.

Well some enterprising and determined students from the University of Maryland have designed and built a one-person solar power helicopter and they have actually taken it for some test flights.

The design of this solar craft is inverted, meaning the helicopter blades are under the craft and not on top. And by the way there are four sets of blades. The top part of the design is used to give that much needed solar surface area.

The craft is huge and we have a long way to go to make one that is really flight worthy let alone commercially viable.

Take a look at the test flights and you decide, if you would have what it takes to make this design better or how able want to take a test ride all by yourself?

Better still design your own solar powered diy helicopter.

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