A Society Without Fossil Fuels

A Society Without Fossil Fuels
A Society Without Fossil Fuels

How Do We Build A Society Without Fossil Fuels?

How does a country move from a carbon or fossil fuel powered economy to one that is completely powered by renewable energy? In order to have any chance of this as a politician it must be the will of the people.

In this Ted Talk, enviromental activist and renewable energy advocate Monica Araya discusses the progress and path forward for Costa Rica.

The talk is entitled ” A Small Country With Big Ideas To Get Rid of Fossil Fuels”.  The speaker aims to answer the question of “how do we build a society without fossil fuels”?

Monica Araya outlines a bold vision for a world committed to clean energy in all sectors. She equates the countries descision 70 years ago to abolish their army and use the funds for social programs, with their new clean energy goal.

Powering A Country Without Fossil Fuels.

The country right now today uses only renewable electricity. However, 70 % of the energy use is transportation oil based. This represents a huge challenge to move to 100 % clean energy.

Do you think they have a good plan? Is this something that is only possible in a small country like Costa Rico?

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