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A. O. Smith enters strategic agreement with chromagen, a solar water heating solutions manufacturer

MILWAUKEE, April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — A. O. Smith Corporation (NYSE: AOS) and Chromagen, a prominent global manufacturer of solar water heating solutions headquartered in Sha’ar Ha’amakim, Israel, have joined forces in a strategic cooperative agreement aimed at advancing solar technology for water heating applications.

According to the terms of the agreement, Chromagen will grant A. O. Smith exclusive marketing and distribution rights for its solar collectors in residential and commercial solar water heating systems within the United States and Canada. Additionally, the two companies have committed to collaborating on the design, development, and promotion of energy-efficient solar products.

In a statement, Ajita G. Rajendra, President of A. O. Smith Water Products Company, highlighted Chromagen’s reputation as a pioneering force in solar water heating, emphasizing their consistent high-quality product line, technical expertise, and global presence in the rapidly expanding renewables market. Rajendra stated that partnering with strategic allies like Chromagen is crucial for A. O. Smith as they expand their offerings of high-efficiency water heating solutions to better serve their customers in this ever-changing market.

Earlier, on April 9, A. O. Smith Water Products Company had unveiled one of its largest product launches in 74 years, introducing four new high-efficiency product lines, including the Cirrex ™ solar water heating system designed for residential use. The company is set to begin shipping Cirrex systems in the latter part of the second quarter.

Chromagen, with estimated 2009 sales of $50 million, operates two manufacturing facilities in Israel and distributes its products in over 35 countries worldwide. The company’s solar products cater to both domestic and complex central systems for commercial applications.

Chromagen’s solar collectors have been certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) in the U.S., International Standard ISO 9806, and several other certifications worldwide.

Founded in 1962, Chromagen also owns Chromagen Spain, a leading supplier of solar water heating systems in that country.

With 2009 sales amounting to $2.0 billion, A. O. Smith Corporation is a global leader in applying innovative technology and energy-efficient solutions to its products, which are marketed worldwide. The company is renowned for being one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of residential and commercial water heating equipment, offering a comprehensive product line that includes well-known brands in North America and China. Additionally, A. O. Smith holds a prominent position as one of the largest manufacturers of electric motors for residential and commercial applications in North America.

Keith Smith
Keith Smith

Keith, a seasoned professional in the solar industry, has dedicated over 30 years to the research and development of solar technologies. Born in the early 1970s, Keith's fascination with solar energy began early in life. He completed his bachelor's degree in physics and pursued a master's in renewable energy engineering, laying the foundation for his career in the field.

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