A Career in the Solar Energy Industry Begins with a Quality Education

Student for masters in solar energy works on a solar collector
This solar degree program in Sweden attracts students from around the world

A Career in the Solar Energy Industry – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Here is an introduction to the Master’s programs in Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna University (DU) in Sweden. Solar Energy research at this University a long time before it was fashionable in fact it began 30 years ago and Master’s programs (taught in English) have been offered since 1999 under the name “European Solar Engineering School” (ESES).

The University offers both a one year program in solar energy engineering and a 2 year masters level program that prepares the student for a career in the global solar industry.

One year and two year solar energy degree program

Solar engineering degree programs in Sweden

Students and faculty come from all over the world for this program which helps students when they graduate with the contacts needed to find the career opportunity that they are looking for , where they are looking for it.

A solar energy university master degree program

Making a career in solar energy starts with a quality education

About Dalarna University

Dalarna University is one of Sweden’s more recent institutions of higher education, established in 1977. It is situated in Dalarna, 200 kilometres north-west of Stockholm.

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