institute of solar technology

Institute of Solar Technology (IST) 2014 Solar PV Training Schedule

. The principle of operation and its practical implementation are then covered. A set of solar training kit will be used to facilitate the lab practical. Measurement of electrical system, site inspection method and tools needed for installation process of standalone solar PV module will be carried out to illustrate the principles and techniques taught

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India solar and wind energy plan

India Solar and Wind Energy Plan

Use of Solar and Wind Energy The Government has launched Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) to give a boost to utilization of solar energy for various applications. As on date, grid-interactive solar power generation capacity of around 1,850 MW has already been commissioned in the country. Provision has been made in the National Tariff Policy wherein the State Electricity Regulators have to fix a percentage of energy purchase from solar power under the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO). As per amendment, the solar RPO has to begin with 0.25% of the energy procured in the State reaching to 3% by 2022.

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