energy efficiency

Companies Say Bill Will Undermine Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Indiana

Energy efficiency helps drive a positive business environment and supports good, skilled jobs, like those at our companies. Related resource standards create a more level playing field between efficiency efforts and energy generation. Removing the Energizing Indiana goals and requirements delays opportunities for more efficient and sustainable communities, and removes a valuable money-saving tool for consumers.

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Using Solar Thermal Energy Technology to Power an Air Conditioning Unit can be Difficult

The UC Merced design — called an External Compound Parabolic Concentrator (XCPC) — generates solar thermal efficiency of 60 percent at temperatures up to 400 F, achieving thermal performance previously seen only in tracking systems. And in contrast to tracking systems that work only on clear, sunny days, the UC Merced design can work in hazy conditions because it “sees” most of the sky, allowing collection of both direct and indirect sunlight.

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Empire State Building Exceeds Energy Efficiency Cost Savings for 2nd Consecutive Year

“The Empire State Building retrofit project is a shining example for C40 Cities the world over, helping them to make the case for wider policies and programs that advance building energy efficiency in the private sector. The positive results announced today will boost cities’ efforts by demonstrating—once again—the economic benefits of climate action,”

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