High Efficiency Solar

BenQ Solar Presents High Efficiency Solar Total Solutions for the U.S. Market

To facilitate better energy management, the remarkably intelligent and flexible PowerLegato® energy storage system for residential or small commercial applications will be introduced. This highly integrated product includes the EnergyOptimizer software, which works to limit peak power consumption by offsetting line power and replacing it with battery power at pre-programmed times.

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Imagine a Home With No Electric Bill!

SheaXero homes typically produce as much energy as they use. The home’s custom solar power systems and more than 15 other energy-efficient features help to reduce homeowners’ budgets by essentially removing electricity costs. The SheaXero features are available in all Trilogy communities across the nation, and in most cases at no additional charge.

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Hydrogen Production from Sunlight

HyperSolar Reports Record Time for Hydrogen Production from Sunlight

The test conducted by members of the company’s research team at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) confirms the possibility of commercializing a process for the direct conversion of sunlight into valuable chemicals and fuels. Solar to chemical conversion (artificial photosynthesis) has the advantage in that the energy storage challenges associated with photovoltaics are eliminated.

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